Our team has been working in the field of textile cleaning services since 1997 and our goal has always been to offer a high quality service. We are professionals and what all our customers receive a “high quality cleaning service” – this is the motto of “CLEAN FACTORY” dry cleaning.

In the CLEAN FACTORY dry cleaning shops every customer receives excellent service and high quality. The clothes are carefully cleaned, ironed and packed. Our available equipment allows your laundry to be washed in individual washing machines. Your bed linens are ironed perfectly on professional cylinder type ironer. Customers receive their bed linens carefully packaged and scented.

We always maintain the high quality of our services thanks to the right selection of professional equipment, high quality cleaning products, well trained staff and quality control. All our employees are highly qualified, with many years of experience with us. Our main goals are to offer you quality services, competitive prices and short deadlines. In our dry cleaning shops in Plovdiv Mall and Markovo Tepe Mall, we use specialized software to process your orders which facilitates the service and prevents errors.

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